What happens next?

·         IAM HQ will send you a pack with the relevant handbook and details. (If you are receiving a ‘gift voucher’ for the course you need to activate this via the IAM)

·          Your application form will be sent to our Allocations Officer, you will receive a welcome email (please acknowledge receipt of this to verify your email address) and then as soon as we can allocate you an observer we will email you with their details and request you contact them within  7 days. We will endeavour to allocate an Observer as close as possible to your home address – unfortunately this can’t always be guaranteed. We do ask that you travel to the observer.

·         When you have made contact with your Observer (this Observer will be with you until you are “Test ready”) All Observed runs are taken in your car, on the first meeting with your Observer you will be asked to sign the declaration form  and then be briefed as to the drives etc.

      Once the course commences we request that you take regular drives – every week or every 2 weeks if you take 2 hour drives. Please remember all our observers are volunteers.


·         Observed runs will normally take place regularly – the Organisation for this is between you and your Observer. You can arrange future Observed runs on a week by week basis with YOUR Observer.

·         When your Observer feels that you’re driving is at “Test Standard” he will contact a Senior Observer.

·         The Senior Observer will take you out for an Observed run (similar to the actual test), this is to ensure you are to the “Test Standard” – if you are to the standard your IAM record will be set to ‘test ready’ status.

·         IAM HQ will nominate an Examiner – this Examiner will make contact with you to carry out the test.

·         On the day of the test you will either PASS or FAIL

·         We welcome you informing us of the result, as we have invested time and effort!

·         Should you have the misfortune to FAIL – we advise that you reapply for another test (there is a charge for this). We will then carry out further training on your “weak points”.

·         During your Training you will also receive a copy of our Newsletter; you are welcome to attend any of the published events.

·         We have a high pass rate in the Newcastle Group (over 95%).

·         When you PASS the test, we would like you to remain a member of the Newcastle Group – the subscription is currently      £10-00 per year.

·         Should there be any problems – please contact any Member of the Committee via the Website on the        Contact Us’ page or on a ‘Contact Us’ sheet to be produced annually and sent to all Members for retention.