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The Newcastle Group of Advanced Motorists was formed in 1960. As an IAM regional group, we provide help, via our Observer network, of the IAM System of Car Control. This is a simple, generic, way to drive any car or even an articulated lorry. We have found that the only way to really learn to use the IAM System of Car Control method is by the use of Observed Runs as provided by the groups.

How do we improve your driving standards?

Our method is a series of one-to-one drives in the associate’s vehicle with an Observer to explain the use of the IAM System. We should note that the Observer does not drive the associate’s vehicle, although they may choose to perform a demonstration drive in their own vehicle as part of the session. Our Observers tailor their help to the associate’s requirements.

We do not suggest associates take the test until they are ready to do so. It is this individual approach that gives us, approximately, a 96% success rate at the test. This compares with less than 40% success if the test is attempted without any help from the group observers.

Is that it?

Yes, in the sense that driving in the manner expected on an IAM test should have become, essentially, your natural way of driving. However, for those who wish to progress further- The IAM does operate a Special Assessment scheme for which the pass requirements are significantly higher; for instance a commentary is required. Our Observers will be happy to help you to reach this standard, although we should note that this assessment is not free.

We do, however, believe that passing the test is only the beginning of your advanced driving career. Every journey you undertake should be a learning experience, even if it is ‘just’ the drive to work. To maintain the reduced likelihood of being involved in an incident, it is necessary to at least maintain the standard of driving shown during the test. If, at any time, you feel that things may be slipping, or that you would like advice on a particular facet of motoring, the Committee, or Observers will be more than happy to help you out.

Data Protection Act Statement

Details relating to our Group are held on a computer database. The Data Protection Act 1998 requires the holder of such data on a database to be registered, although non profit making organisations such as our Group are exempt from this requirement providing that the individual members consent to the data being kept.

The Newcastle Group of Advanced Motorists keeps computer records of all Full Members and Group Associates for the operational needs of the Group only. All recorded data will only be used by Committee members and Observers in the course of their duties for the Group. No data held will ever be lent or sold to third parties whatsoever. If any member or associate objects to their details being held on computer by this Group then please inform the group GDPR Administrator (gdpr.admin@iamnewcastle.org.uk)

If any member or associate does not wish their details to be held on computer then they will remain a member of this Group but you will not receive any communications from the Group such as Newsletters, Events etc, unless posted for general communication on this Website.
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